Additional Info:

Waxing is a temporary body-hair removing method. Most women use this popular technique to smoothen their outer skin. The hair doesn’t grow in the same area for about 8 weeks. ‘Strip Waxing’ is commonly used everywhere and is a hygienic and economic way to remove hair. Waxing can be done at home or in beauty parlors. Some women carry emergency tubes for waxing while travelling. Many international brands have products that facilitate hair removal via wax. It is a preferred method compared to shaving which causes nicks.

Waxing should be done by a professional ideally. It is essential for the first time as this gives an idea about the correct method to root out the unwanted hair. It has a few drawbacks. It can be painful hence one has to get used to it. Hair removal isn’t permanent. If not done properly, the hair might grow in different direction. One can also face ingrown hair, redness on the skin and minor bleeding.

Several beauty parlors have different rates for waxing hair of different parts, depending on the sensitive skin around. The most common areas that most women wax hair are arms, legs, underarms, upper lips, bikini line. Some women who have more unwanted hair choose to wax navel, chest, back, facial (very tricky), entire body (can be very painful).