Additional Info:

Threading is very simple and easy way of hair removal. Most women thread eyebrows because they have seen others do it, thinking it is a beauty regime that just needs to be done. Few really take care to understand why it is done or how it enhances the beauty of the facial structure. Few people know it is a beauty trick that has wide origins in India and Middle East, where women with thick and bushy eyebrows need trimming. While the eyebrows can be plucked by tweezers, threading is popular and ensures the pain is minimal, cost effective and does not scar the area around the eyes. The hair around the eyes called the brow is necessary and should not be treated by waxing, depilatory creams or any removal techniques that require chemicals. It could hurt the eyes and also permanently change the face.

In salons or parlors, pure cotton thread is used. For a first timer, it may be an overwhelming experience to see a mouthful of thread and pain around the eyes. After threading, some redness may be spotted. It disappears after a while along with the numbness and pain. Eyebrows which reach the middle need to be tweaked via threading. It makes the upper part of the face more feminine. Depending on the shape of the face, threading is done to shape eyebrows. Application of a little talcum powder around the brow makes the thread work faster and stops in hair growth. For at least three weeks, on an average, the woman need not worry about its regrowth.