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Some of the most attractive henna designs take time to be made. Obviously it takes a professional artist to bring a simple quality to the palms and feet. The oriental brides and grooms opt for elaborate patterns it is considered most auspicious. Also referred as Mehendi, this herb brings out a deep, mature texture. A bridal pattern stretches till the elbows. Some of the new age fashionable designs include the Swaroski crystal look, enticing finger designs and peacock motifs done in unusual styles. The wedding market has become so competitive that a good henna design artist will continue to develop new and attractive patterns to remain in business.

Most henna designs are available in albums in beauty parlors and artists. The cosmetic value of the beautiful ceremony before the wedding is long awaited by brides and her friends. It is a night that brings the bride closer to her wedding. With new age brides, there is a wonderful combination of Arabic, Indian, Pakistani and Moroccan designs. When a good henna design emerges it is considered a sign of fertility and an auspicious sign. Henna designs also adorn the body in other areas like the neck, in the form a elaborate necklace. On the upper part of the hand and back it makes a beautiful style statement.
With celebrities like Madonna and Boyence also adorning their palms with henna designs, they have become popular in western culture too. Many westerns who have Hindu weddings in India easily love the henna designs.