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To be fashionable one needs a fantastic hairstyle suiting the face. Many styles come in fashion and add to the face value of the person. They help to make the person look more confident. Styling the hair is an essential part of grooming. Many products like shampoos, conditioners, gels, extensions, curlers, relaxers, waxes, sprays, irons, creams, mousse, dryers, serums, oils and rollers are used for styling.

Some of the most common hair styles are:

1. Bangs or fringes’.
2. ‘Beehive’ is a very old, black-and-white movies hairstyle.
3. ‘Bob-cut’ is very common and classic style.
4. ‘Bun’! Women with long hair tie them behind.
5. ‘Crop’ is a style in which the hair looks cropped.
6. ‘Curly hair’. Most of the women of India and Africa are gifted with curls.
7. ‘French braid’ is a very common hairstyle. The hair is pleated in a braid.
8. ‘French twist’ is formed by using all the hair and twisting it to a side.
9. ‘Pig-tails’ are tying two pony tails.
10. ‘Mushroom-cut’ is a unisex-cut.

Depending on the structure of the face one can try out various styles. To maintain the styles one has to get it trimmed with regular visit to the stylist. This way it lasts longer. Hair styles can be changed frequently with new fashions.