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‘First impression is usually the last impression. It is very important to look presentable at work, social occasions and personal dates. With a lot of innovative methods in grooming that have been introduced a good beauty salon keeps discovering new ways of improving face value. The business of facial care has picked up in urban areas. As women have careers and homes they need to indulge in facial care often. Taking care of this sensitive and most visible exterior part of the body is essential. Travelling in polluted air, sitting in air-conditioned offices all the time, exposure to sun-rays and many more take away the moisture and the glow from the face and leave the dryness behind. There are various ways one can take care. There are natural and healthy ways like eating fruits. Another way is to use these natural products as beauty and cosmetic applications. Fruits like peach, apple, banana, strawberry, kiwi and also vegetables like beet, lime contribute to the health, glow and charm of the face.

Beauty salons know the importance of avoiding chemicals; hence some conscious parlors have introduced fruit facials. They are perfect for enhancing the look with least side effects. They bring back the lost moisture, glow and shine on the face. With constant make up, it becomes essential to do facials to restore its vital sheen. There are many products in the market for facial care and it is ideal to ask expert opinion before buying any products for daily home use.